Latest News 7 Sibley St - Nimbin's Sustainable Living Hub

Coming up in 2020 at 7 Sibley Street We have almost completed the fit outs needed to expand our Soup Kitchen and Food Relief program storage and overall capacity.

We will be building new food gardens to support our Food Relief programs so we can provide more fresh veges to people in need.

Our Tools and Equipment Library will reopen in January 2020 for community borrowing, and skills development workshops will commence in 2020 for existing or prospective tools and equipment library members.

A large variety of workshops will continue to provide skills and raise funds to keep the doors open.

7 Sibley Street will continue to operate as a satellite hub of NNIC, providing info about our services and referrals into programs.

It will continue to function as a key composting and recycling hub in the community, aiming to develop a social enterprise recycled plastics project in 2020.

It will also continue to function as a promotional hub for local producers to enhance our local economy and job opportunities.

More details in 2020.

See the Sibley St website for latest info and updates