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Sibley Street – there’s stuff happening! We are thrilled to announce that WE GOT A GRANT for 7 Sibley Street. Yep that's right.... $50,000 towards Stage One. YIPPEE. Thanks to NSW Government’s Social and Community Housing Improvement Fund via Family and Community Services. The project will involve an additional $25,000 in costs. We have $10,000 in reserves so we needed another $15,000 for Stage One.

We say needed because $7,500 was raised at the Art Auction on 15th October 2016! Which means we only need another $7,500. To donate to this project to get it over the line – contact NNIC on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Builders wanted: to help with the CAREFUL demolitions (as we will be salvaging and recycling whatever we can) – we are waiting for DA approval and in the meantime we are compiling a list of people willing to help with the demos. Please contact Nat or Guy at NNIC.

Art Auction Thank Yous: Many thanks to Mandie and Steve Hale for all their hard work in making the auction happen. A special thanks to Max for his excellent auctioneering and to Guy, Chibo, and Chris for all the legwork. Thanks to everyone who came along and bid for the great art works on sale. And lastly but not leastly, thanks to all the people who so generously donated art works for the auction. A complete list of the donors can be found on our Sibley Street website

Auction Collage web

Bank account for Sibley St project donations - donated funds will be used specifically for Stage One and NOT for any site management overheads and usual outgoings such as the Council rates. To donate to Stage One you can make a direct deposit or else donate any branch of Summerland Credit Union to the following account details. remember to give your name unless you want to be anonymous, so we can acknowledge your donation.

Bank: Summerland Credit Union 

Account Name: NNIC – Sibley St Fundraising account
Account Number: 2230 4372
BSB : 728-728
Key three letters for the target account: NIM

Consultations: the full hisory of community consultations in relation to the project, inlcuding all the Outcomes Reports, are available on the project website.

The old house - Stage One of the project is to relocate and retrofit the old house currently standing on the site, with the following aims:

The Master Concept Plan - was launched on 24th August at the Big Auction. Feedback is always welcome. The Concept Plan and feedback forms are available here.

Fundraising - If there is something that you are willing to do or contribute to the fundraising mission. please contact us at NNIC. To donate go to our project website.

Rainbow Dreaming - Tales From the Age of Aquarius - buy this great book to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Aquarius festival - all profits go to 7 Sibley St.  Click here to buy the book. If you pledged funds as part of the Rainbow Dreaming Pozible campaign, you can make your pledge good (ie cough up the cash!) by going to the link above.

For more info about the project see the project's website