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Great news! Art in the Park receives grant funds! Many thanks to Northcott’s Fundability grant program, which has provided funds to purchase equipment and materials to make it easier for people (aged 15 and above) with all skills and abilities to participate in Art in the Park. Such equipment will include items for people with vision impairments, mobility issues, dexterity issues - including wheelchair easels, modified scissors and paint brushes and textured paints. If you have any ideas about materials or equipment that would increase your or someone else’s ability to participate in Art and the Park, get in touch with us at NNIC and let Kath or Nat know your thoughts.

Art in the Park is a FREE community activity which happens in Alsopp Park every Friday (weather permitting). Anyone can come along and join in – each week there is a specific project you can make or else you can just use the materials to make your own project. You can join in just for fun or you can work towards creating a piece or pieces to submit to the next Spring Arts Exhibition. So come along and get your creative juices flowing.

More great news! Nimbin Holiday Club survives! We are pleased to report that Nimbin Holiday Club, aka Vacation Care, will continue to be funded until June 2019 at this stage. This program, along with numerous others, will be subjected to an independent review during the next 12 months so who knows what may happen after that...but at least for now it will continue. Thanks to everyone who supported us during the last 6 months of campaigning to save the Holiday Club. The Winter round commences on Monday 9th July 2018, click here for the program.

Winter is here – Donations needed NNIC is collecting CLEAN blankets, sleeping bags, small tents, towels and socks to give out to people in need. Donations much appreciated. Please drop off any of these items (and ONLY these items) to Kath or Vicki during office hours Monday to Friday. (Please do not leave items around the centre or outside our doors).

Sustainability Alley September 2018 Shout-Out to possible speakers, workshop presenters, and stall holders. 2018 will be the 99th Nimbin Show and this year Sustainability Alley will feature the “Conversation Café” - a café space where the workshops and talks will be held. We are looking for people to run workshops or do talks or set up displays about anything to do with Sustainability.

Nimbin Women's Dinner 2018

Thanks everyone for yet another successful Nimbin Women's dinner. Thanks to: Kath, Gail, Heidi, Margi, Vicki, Biko, Inse, Rachel, Rosie, Mim for all their help on the night. Sue and Pauline for banners and set up. Bev, Judy, Betty and Dave for the cakes. To all the fabulous performers: Triny, Sue, Michelle, Maire, Devi, Simone, Grace, Kaychu and Jasmine. To Steph and crew for the food. To Disco Sista for the sound and lights and to everyone who came along to enjoy a night of laughter and fun. See you all again next year! Plus many thanks to everyone who donated raffle prizes: Pauline, Green Bank, Candle Factory, Pot-o-Gold cafe, Barbara, Hemp Embassy, Hemping Around, Susukka Trading, Mandie and Alice. Thanks sooooo very much!


Nimbin Community Drug Action Team (CDAT) The next meeting will be on Thursday 24th May at 2pm, at NNIC. To join Nimbin CDAT contact NNIC or just come along to the next meeting.

Have you got what it takes to be a Super Hero? Nimbin CDAT is looking for people with an interest in Drug and Alcohol harm reduction to train up as volunteer superheroes…need of be of slim build and medium height to a max of about 6’. Acting skills (and special powers) an advantage. Also recruiting volunteer Superhero Wranglers, who assist our Super Hero when he is out and about in public. Contact us ar NNIC.

Struggling with unpaid fines? NNIC is a Work Development Sponsor which means that you may be able to work off your unpaid fines by volunteering for us. Make an appointment to find out if you are eligible.

Struggling to pay your electricity bill? You may be eligible for relief via EAPA vouchers. Make an appointment with our Community case Coordinator to find out if you are eligible.

Sustainable House Day Northern Rivers 2017 Expo and Build It Local Design Competetion Awards - See the Design Comp winners and pics from the day here.

Report on the 2016 Nimbin Community Sustainability Survey is available here.

This survey was completed by 264 people. Thanks to everyone who helped collect the surveys and to all of you who responded.

The survey asks questions relating to the Key Focus Areas of the Sustainable Nimbin Community Plan. This survey had a particular focus on Energy because of a number of changes and innovations occurring which are likely to impact upon our community.

Food Recovery Program We are also pleased to announce the much-awaited CONC (Consortium of Neighbourhood Centres Far North Coast) Food Recovery Program has now commenced and we have been taking deliveries of fresh fruit and vegetables each week at NNIC for distribution to people in need. We are in the process of purchasing new equipment and securing a space for the Food Pantry in Nimbin so watch this space. Donations of non-perishable food items are always very welcome. You can find out more about the regional Program including how you can get involved here.

Please don’t feed the birds Many birds are busy making nests in preparation for the upcoming nesting season. Soon they will have new chicks to feed. It is essential that baby birds receive the correct diet from their parents or they can develop deformities and will not survive. NEVER feed then bread as this can be fatal to chicks. Feeding nectar eaters, like Lorikeets, seeds and especially sunflower seeds, can also be fatal. Sunflower seeds are the equivalent of mars bars for birds – they can cause fatal fatty tumours. Feeding meat-eating birds minced meat can cause beak rot and death. It is best to avoid feeding any wildlife altogether but if you absolutely must do it please contact WIRES on 66281898 for information on the correct food to give and never feed any wildlife the scraps from your kitchen.

Nimbin CDAT's (Community Drug Action Team) Captain Competent has come to life! Here he is on his harm reduction mission at the PASH conference in Lismore in June. We are always looking for new members from the Nimbin community. To join Nimbin CDAT just email us. Click here for more about Nimbin CDAT.

Flood Recovery Info...

Thanks to Pottsville Beach Neighbourhood Centre for the following list of useful flood recovery contact numbers:




Sustainable Nimbin Community Plan 2016-2021 The current version of the SNCP, plus the Report on Achievements from 2009 to 2015 are available here. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the revised SNCP and also to all of you who are out there working on the various strategies that have been identified to progress Nimbin's aims towards sustainability.

Bioenergy Social Licence Report - The Report on the findings of the Social License surveys, workshops andconsultations is available here. Thanks to everyone who participated in this research.


TELSTRA Mobile Phone Tower: the proposed location has been announced - Lot 2, Falls Rd Nimbin -see pic below provided by Aurecon. Here is the link to the info.

Latest NBN Info: the NBN is now operatonal in Nimbin. click here to find out whether you will get coverage.
Click here to access pdf file: "Preparing for Fixed Wireless NBN".

For all the other info previously provided/gathered re the NBN in Nimbin go to our Jobs and Skills page.Koalas in Nimbin - click here for more info.

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