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HOT OFF THE PRESS!!! Finally it's here - the Report on the 2019 Community Sustainability Survey. 241 of you did this survey way back on October 2019...right before the Mt Nardi bushfire and then now Covid 19...both of which (combined with the Xmas/New Year break period) delayed the production of this report significantly. Many apologies for the massive delay. You can find the Report on our website Survey Results page. Makes for some fascinating reading and well worth a look.

Covid 19 - NNIC opening hours NNIC is open 10am-4pm weekdays for face to face services, PC and copier access, support services and food relief.

Centrelink Mon-Thursdays 10am-2.30pm, Fridays 10am-2pm.

Physical distancing, hygiene and other safety measures will continue to be in place at the Centre. See our website for other Covid 19 updates and community info:

If you need NNIC services and support but you are: In compulsory self-isolation, OR Feeling unwell, OR Feeling nervous and wanting to maintain social isolation, then YOU CAN CALL us on 6689 1692 and we can arrange a telephone appointment for you so you do not have to come in personally.

Tools & Equipment Library and Seed Exchange are both still operating at Sibley Street. Please contact Steph on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange pick-ups or drop offs.

NNIC Memberships are due for renewal on 1st July 2020. Your memberships are important to us. Great value at $5.50 per year. Drop in to renew during our opening hours.

Tools and Equipment Library Memberships Because of Covid 19, all existing Tools and Equipment Library memberships will be extended for another year at no extra cost PROVIDING that you all renew your NNIC memberships (see above).

Equipment Library memberships are open to all NNIC members. To join, simply come into NNIC, fill in the membership form and pay $22 (plus $5.50 to join NNIC if you haven’t already). You will need photo ID and a separate document no older than 3 months old showing your current residential address (e.g. rates notice, rent receipt, phone or electricity bill, letter from MO confirming address). If you would like to join but cannot get in during our opening hours contact Nat on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make alternate arrangements.

Introducing Darren Smyth We are very pleased to welcome Darren to our team. Having worked for over 30 years in drug and alcohol services around Australia, Darren is a highly experienced Drug and Alcohol Nurse Practitioner who is joining our existing Nurse Practitioner, Genevieve Beggs, to deliver Nimbin Integrated Services (NIS) at NNIC. 

What is NIS? NIS is a clinical service offered at NNIC, which provides a range of supports and treatment options tailored to the needs of individual clients experiencing problems as a result of mental health and drug and alcohol issues. Face-to-face and/or telephone appointments are available Mon-Wed (Genevieve) and Fridays (Darren). To book an appointment call 66891497.

Are you out there struggling to make ends meet because you have lost income as a result of Covid 19? Are you either a) not eligible for Jobseekers or Job Keepers? or b) you are eligible but you are still left with a reduced income and unable to pay your bills? We may be able to help with some of your expenses including electricity bill relief, food vouchers, telstra vouchers, food or other material aid. If this sounds like you don't be backwards in coming forwards..we are here to help you through this...we make no judgements and all services are confidential...don't struggle through this all alone. We can also provide mental health support. Call us on 66891692 to make an appointment with our community worker available Wed-Fridays at NNIC.

NEW!!! New Project to support people with long term mental health issues to access the NDIS:

Nimbin Community Drug Action Team (CDAT) is still meeting regularly via Zoom. More members would be very cool. Especially if you are aged under 50! And extra especially if you are aged between 18 and 25. We do lots of fun and creative stuff and we need input from people with diverse experiences. To join contact Nat on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can invite you to the next meeting. Check out our new animated films on the CDAT page on this website.

SuperHeroes Wanted! Are you into acting and dressing up in fun costumes? Enjoy going along to events, festivals and gigs or even STARRING in movies? Are you around 180cms tall and of slim build, reasonably fit and healthy? Then do we have the ultimate volunteering opportunity for you! We need males and females. All SuperHeroes have at least one ‘Wrangler’ with them at all times, so it’s a great job for 2 friends to do together if you prefer.

Covid 19 - Nimbin Community Responses and Info  

Nimbin Covid 19 Community Information

Updated 14th May 2020


Self-isolation - you MUST self-isolate at home for 14 days if

  • You have cold or flu symptoms; or
  • You have returned from overseas in the last 14 days; or
  • You have been in contact with someone who has the virus; or
  • You are otherwise instructed or recommended to by Health personnel.

Call the Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080 with questions regarding prevention and the spread of Covid 19.

Testing Mid North Coast and Northern NSW communities can now access free COVID-19 assessment and testing across the region. People with mild to moderate respiratory symptoms are encouraged to attend a free respiratory clinic in their local area or visit their GP via telehealth to obtain a referral for pathology testing.

Healthdirect Help If you think you may require testing, or to speak to a registered nurse who can provide advice when you’re not sure what to do — whether you should see a local GP, manage the condition at home, go to an emergency department, or call an ambulance, call healthdirect helpline on 1800 022 222 available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Physical Distancing and hygiene it is essential that everyone cooperates and maintains a distance of at least 1.5metres from each other and washes hands frequently and properly, sneeze and cough into your elbow and generally avoid close contact with people other than immediate household members as much as possible.

Support for Small Business for the latest info on support packages for small businesses impacted by Covid 19, including wage subsidies, tax relief etc. and how to apply for this support, see

Income Support for people whose employment has been impacted by Covid 19 For info see

If you need assistance navigating the Job Seeker process, come into the Services Australia/Centrelink Agency at Nimbin Neighbourhood and Information Centre at 71 Cullen St 10am -2.30pm weekdays.

Local Services and Support Available in Nimbin

Nimbin Medical Centre (GP Clinic) Mon-Friday 9am-5pm with strict hygiene and social distancing measures in place. Telephone consultations are available to high risk patients (children aged under 1 year and people aged over 70 years) Call 6689 1410 for an appointment. Please call ahead if you need to see a Doctor, rather than just dropping in.

Nimbin Hospital if you have cold or flu symptoms or are concerned you may have Covid 19 please call the National Helpline on 1800 022 222 for advice.

For all other patients seeking assistance with general health issues, please call the hospital on 6689 1400 before presenting, if possible. Please also call before planning a visit to the aged care residents.

Nimbin Pharmacy Open weekdays 9am – 5pm. Please respect hygiene measures in place. If you are self-isolated and need medicine, and keep scripts on file at the Nimbin Pharmacy you can email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the pharmacy will message you when they are ready for you. If you do not have scripts on file or require a new script contact the GP clinic for advice as to obtaining one and call NNIC on 66891692 for assistance regarding pick up and delivery if you have no one who can help you with this.

Dr Reuben Walker Available for telephone consults only. Call 66890081 to make an appointment or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any inquiries or concerns.

Nimbin Optical Open Monday and Thursday 10am - 4pm by appointment. Call 66890081 or 0403263692 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nimbin Apothecary Open Monday-Fridays 10am -4pm, Saturdays 10am-2pm. On line order and pick up option see

Nimbin Aged Care and Respite Service (NACRS) provides weekly home support for eligible people 65+ (50+ for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders) and is undertaking regular telephone welfare checks of all clients. NACRS is liaising with the Emporium to arrange grocery shopping and deliveries to isolated older people. NACRS can do telephone assessments and intake for those older community members who are not already on the existing client list. Capacity is limited but they will do what they can to help. Phone 6689 1709

Domestic and family violence and child safety risks Please keep your eyes and ears alert to everyone around you. Now is the time to make sure everyone is safe, including women and children from abuse and violence. Never have the risks been higher to victims of abuse and violence trapped behind closed doors. If you have any concerns or worries for yourself or anyone else, call NNIC on 66891692 for support and guidance, or call:

1800 RESPECT 1800 732 732

Domestic Violence Helpline 1800 65 64 63

Men’s Referral Service 1300 766 491

NSW Ageing and Disability Abuse Hotline 1800 628 221

Homelessness There is temporary accommodation available for people who need to be quarantined. Homeless people are exempt from Police powers to order compliance with self isolation rules, for obvious reasons. Both NACRS and NNIC are monitoring the well-being of the locals living rough around the village.

Deliveries of Groceries and other essential items for Self-Isolated Community members The following measures are in place to support people to self-isolate:

On line orders and home deliveries are currently available from: The Emporium, Pharmacy, Apothecary, Happy Highs Herb Shop, Green Bank, Nimbin Building Materials and Rainbow Power Company.

Dr Tray Trucking is doing deliveries Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. You will need to pay Dr Tray directly for delivery fees, with the exception of Emporium orders, which will include the delivery fee in your order. Delivery fees may vary depending on the size/nature of your order or your location. Delivery within 15kms of the village will be $11 inc GST, except for large items. To place your orders contact:

Emporium This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pharmacy This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 6689 1448

Apothecary or call 6689 1529

Rainbow Power Co

Nimbin building materials call 6689 1206

Happy Herb Shop order and pay online at or you can call and speak to them directly/pay over the phone on 0476 992 475.

For all deliveries other than via the Emporium please email Duuvy on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Some deliveries can be included in an Emporium delivery at no extra charge.

Deliveries of essential items to a distance greater than 15kms away: email Duuvy with your request to see if he can accommodate you.

You will need your debit/credit card and telephone contact details when you place your orders. You will also need to provide phone numbers, your address and any specifics about where to find you, or mud maps.

When your goods are delivered Duuvy will call out to check you are okay and will be required to wait until he sees you collecting your goods for safety and security reasons. For this reason when you place your order please also include the following info:

  • Phone number/s for your next of kin or person to contact if you do not respond when Duuvy calls out – if you do not respond and he has no number to call and check on you he will call 000

For the latest updates see Duuvys facebook page:

Nimbin Newsagency is doing free deliveries within the village only. To place orders phone 66891372 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Nimbin Aged Care and Respite Service is managing groceries and deliveries to vulnerable older people who are their clients.

Other vulnerable people in need NACRS and NNIC are both continuing to support homeless people. Local service providers and community members are developing plans to support high needs self-isolated people, in particular families suffering high financial stress, with grocery deliveries. If you have a current valid Police check, a comprehensively insured vehicle and would be willing to assist with home deliveries to people in need who are not able to access Duuvy’s home delivery service, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. AND This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Donations: Nimbin Food Bank NNIC is restocking the Food Bank in anticipation of growing numbers of people in need.

Donations of non-perishable food items which are NOT PAST their due date gratefully accepted at NNIC.

Donations of cash can be made into the NNIC Gift Fund account, Summerland Credit Union BSB 728728, account name Nimbin Neighbourhood and Info Centre - Gift Fund, A/C no 22205341: Please cite your last name (unless you prefer anonymity) plus use the letters ‘COV’ in any references so donations made for this purpose can easily be identified.

Donations will be used to support Covid 19 community responses including purchasing food and other essential items for people in need, covering volunteer fuel costs, volunteer screening checks and other related costs.

Waste and Garbage The Lismore Recycling & Recovery Centre and the Nimbin Transfer Station have now reopened to all residents as normal with bookings no longer required. Phone 1300 87 83 87. For full details see:
COVID1-19 Information & Updates page:
Northern Rivers Waste website:

National Parks and Road Closures Minyon Falls and Nightcap National Parks are CLOSED and Council has accordingly closed relevant roads. Local residents can still access their properties, as can emergency vehicles if required.

Covid 19 On line Scams On-line scammers are using Covid 19 to their advantage - be very wary of texts or emails telling to you to get tested or notifying you have been in contact with infected person asking you to click on link to download a form to fill out and take to your nearest hospital. IT IS A SCAM. And it's not the only one.

Wildlife rescue Wildlife rescue services are still operating to the best of their ability. Please be patient as resources are stretched. For rescues and advice call:

WIRES 6628 1898

NRWC 6628 1866

Tweed Valley Wildlife Carers 6672 4789

Friends of the Koala 6622 1233


Tune into NIM FM on 102.3 FM for more regular local info.

Make sure you keep an eye for updates and keep people you know who may not be on line or have access to regular info, informed as much as possible.

If you have updates, corrections or additions to this info please send them to both This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. AND This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We all need to work together and support one another as much as possible. Please keep an eye on people you know who may be especially vulnerable and call NNIC on 6689 1692 10am-4pm weekdays with any concerns.

For emergencies requiring ambulance, police or fire response Call 000

Newstart 132 850

DSP 132 717

Aged pension 132 300

Families 136 150

Youth Allowance 132 490


17th Annual Nimbin Women's Dinner and Comedy Gala Thursday 5th March 2020 Many thanks to all the volunteers who made the 2020 Nimbin Womens' Dinner happen...another great night of hilarity and delicious food.

Kath, Heidi, Gail, Margi, Mandi, Doug, Ron and Ryder, Lynda and Helga for helping with all the organising and set up, tix sales, the door, the bar, the floor, the coffee and cakes and the raffle
Karen Youl for all the dishwashing..what a mammoth effort by Karen!
Pauline for the banners and Jane for the table decorations
Head chef Betty plus Ron, Kath and Al for the food
Kath and Al for the organic salad greens
Cake makers Bev, Judy, Heidi, Chris, Ashoka and Yolande.
Town Hall crew for general help with stuff plus the loan of the Blue Moon Cabaret tablecloths
Disco Sista for the sound and lights
All the great performers who entertained us: Triny Roe, Odette Nettleton, Lisa Sharpe, Ting Lim and Ellen Briggs.
Sorry about there being too much Nat, who had to do a fair amount of time filling to allow for a no-show by the SuperHero and one act getting stuck in traffic.
And lastly but not leastly thanks to all of you for coming! xxx

 Wants Wants and More Wants...

WANTED: Digital Mentors: FREE Digital Mentor Training. Every week at NNIC we get regular requests for assistance with using smart phones and other fandangled devices, especially from older folks. We are looking to recruit some additional volunteers to be trained up as official Digital Mentors to help us to address this need. Are you a bit of a tech head who likes helping people out? Then the Digital Mentor training is for you! The training will be held in mid-March in Nimbin, and places are limited so email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register your interest.

WANTED: Drug and Alcohol Harm Reduction Superheroes to attend events and festivals around the region with the prize-winning Nimbin Community Drug Action Team (CDAT). Male/s – must be of slim build and 6’ or less – females – size 12-14, average height. Acting skills an advantage. We provide training, including acting tips. Superheroes must have a Working With Children Check clearance, or be willing to obtain. Apply to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Also WANTED: Sibley Street volunteers. We need volunteers for gardening jobs (now we have water again! yey!), a few building and handyman jobs and to help us open up more often. If you have skills to share you could conduct workshops or activities at the same time as keeping an eye on the shop and the Tools & Equipment library. There are also a range of other interesting activities that can be done at 7 Sibley St so come on down and get involved. Drop by and chat with the team on Mondays- Thursdays or Saturday mornings or else email Steph on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. For more info on this project check out our websites.

Bushfires and Birds - How You Can Help

See the info sheet in the Natural Environment section under the Sustainability tab here.




The NEXT round of Nimbin Holiday Club (Vacation Care) WINTER 2020 - commences on Tuesday 7th July 2020

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