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Nimbin Women's Dinner and Comedy Gala - Wed 8th March Nimbin Town Hall

The 2017 Nimbin Women's dinner and comedy gala was a huge success and completely sold out. Thanks to all those who volunteered and helped make it happen. See you again next year.


NEW!! Far North Coast Food Recovery Project by the CONC - We are looking for donations to support the operating costs....we got a grant for a lot of the infrastructure but we need a bit more to get the ball rolling.

To support this intiative see our Go Fund Me campaign.

End of the Feed In Tariff: UPDATE - Important!! GOOD NEWS!! Just when we had given up all hope of Essential Energy coming to the party, they have now advised that an appropriately qualified electrician can rewire the single phase Gross Meter for Net and submit a notice of service work to Essential Energy. They will then change the Gross Meter register 70 to Net in their system.

This is only applicable for single phase installations and the cost is around $180.00 as opposed to $385.00 for a new Net meter. If the installation is 2 or 3 phase a 3 phase Net meter must be installed at a cost of around $645.00.

This is relevant to people who either do not want smart meters OR cannot have smart meters due to poor mobile phone reception.

Nimbin Community Drug Action Team (CDAT) - we are looking for more members from the community. Nimbin CDAT’s purpose is to identify and respond to harm arising in our community because of drug or alcohol use, and to prevent and reduce that harm where we can. Look out for the Adventures of Freddy Foolhardy and Captain Competent with their harm minimisation messages. To join Nimbin CDAT contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sustainable House Day Northern Rivers - 2016 Design Competition Winners - see the website for info and pics from the 2016 Expo here.

Sustainable Nimbin Community Plan 2016-2021 - NNIC is VERY pleased to announce that the new and revised SNCP, plus the Report on Achievements from 2009 to 2015 are NOW AVAILABLE here. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the revised SNCP and also to all of you who are out there working on the various strategies that have been identified to progress Nimbin's aims towards sustainability.

Nimbin CDAT Community Drug Survey Report - The full Report on the survey is now available here on this website. Check it out.
We are open to new CDAT members to help us progress the recommendations arising for the survey findings. Apply to Nat at NNIC.

Bioenergy Social Licence Report - The Report on the findings of the Social License surveys, workshops andconsultations is NOW AVAILABLE here. Thanks to everyone who participated in this research.


Struggling with unpaid fines? NNIC is a Work Development Sponsor which means that you may be able to work off your unpaid fines by volunteering for us. Make an appointment to find out if you are eligible.

TELSTRA Mobile Phone Tower: the proposed location has been announced - Lot 2, Falls Rd Nimbin -see pic below provided by Aurecon. Here is the link to the info.

Latest NBN Info: the NBN is now operatonal in Nimbin. click here to find out whether you will get coverage.
Click here to access pdf file: "Preparing for Fixed Wireless NBN".

For all the other info previously provided/gathered re the NBN in Nimbin go to our Jobs and Skills page.

Koalas in Nimbin - click here for more info.