So What's With the Cat?

In theory we have a cat. Her name is Izzi. BUT she decided she prefers to live across the road and only drops into NNIC now and then.

Yes we know cats are not very sustainable. In fact they are downright unsustainable. See How Much Do Cats Actually Kill? (by Oatmeal)

Izzi was recruited to replace our beloved cat Momo, after she unfortunately passed away in 2010. Izzi lied about her age and clearly, her committment to working at NNIC.

Here is Izzi is "helping" with some photocopying.

Izzi is a pretty famous cat. But the cat before her, Momo, is even more famous.

Momo still haunts face book as the Ghostof Momo Nimbin Cat (recently changed to Momo Ghostky) and keeps up to date with NNIC and NIMBIN goings on.

Here is Momo when she was still with us - at NIM FM answering the difficult question: "who ate the goldfish?".

DISCLAIMER: the views of the Momo Ghostky expressed on her face book page do not necessarily represent the views of NNIC, and she is not authorised to meow on behalf of NNIC. She is a cat. And a ghost. She has her own agendas.