Nimbin CDAT (Community Drug Action Team) 


The Nimbin CDAT exists primarily to reduce drug-related harm by:

1.  Improving the level, range and access to alcohol and other drugs services and treatments available to the community;

2. Preventing the initiation into harmful and hazardous drug use, especially by young people.

*Nimbin is defined for the purposes of CDAT as being the area enclosed within a 30km radius from the centre of the village.


1.       To increase safe and healthy environments, both social and physical, which promote prevention and reduction of drug related harm;

2.       To work collaboratively with other local agencies, services and community groups to address alcohol and other drug related problems in the community;

3.       To work towards a more positive (and accurate) profile of Nimbin.

Local Survey

During 2015 a survey was conducted of people who use drugs in the community to inform the priorities and directions of the Nimbin CDAT.

Click here to see the Report and here to see the Appendices to the Report (Tables and Charts).

Latest CDAT News

The next meeting will be on Thursday 19th April at 2pm, at NNIC. New members welcome. To join Nimbin CDAT contact us at NNIC on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are looking for more Official CDAT Superhero Wranglers to help our superhero get out and about.

Mardi Grass 2018 - we are looking for volunteers to join Captain Competent in the Mardi Grass Parade on Sunday May 6th. Contact NNIC.

Captain Competent will also be appearing at the Kyogle Youth Fair in Anzac Park Kyogle on 21st April andCrankfest in Evans Head on 28th April

Seeking funds and donations to bring Clued-Up Claudelia to life – to donate or to assist with fundraising contact NNIC.


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