Our Volunteers

Our volunteers provide many hours of invaluable work and energy to make NNIC a comprehensive provider of services. Our volunteers assist our Community Access Worker at our front desk/reception, and perform a wide range of tasks for us, including providing general information to clients and customers, providing tea, coffee, meals etc to drop in clients, managing photocopying and computer business, taking telephone calls and operating the Desk switch, supporting paid staff, arranging appointments and interviews with clients.

Volunteers also do odd jobs like painting and repairs around the centre, gardening, lawn mowing, help clean the centre, feed the cat, search for the cat, find the cat, bring the cat back home, take the cat to the vet. Unless of course they have an aversion to cats.

Thank goodness for our volunteers!

Volunteers involved in projects perform more specific tasks related to the relevant project – e.g. volunteers for the Vacation Care service provide child care, workshops, activities, accompany the children on excursions, attend meetings, develop programs etc.

Soup Kitchen volunteers help with preparation of food during the week and serve clients on Fridays.

NNIC delivers essential services to many people in severe crisis and need, and the efforts of our volunteers in supporting such clients are highly commendable. Such clients often present to us in extremely stressed situations, and our volunteers require significant skill and care to mange such clients appropriately.

We strive to create meaningful volunteer opportunities and support our volunteers to obtain paid employment (if desired by the volunteer), by providing training and support, references, assistance with CVs and interview skills, and of course valuable workplace experience. Many of our volunteers go on to paid positions in the region.

Our Management Committee is also voluntary and involves administrative, management and strategic skills. We are always on the look out for skilled and committed MC members so if you are interested please send your expression of interest and CV to the Management Committee at NNIC.