Stuff For Young Folk

Check out this great video made by Nimbin young peeps: Click here

Shift This - Youth Action conference - Every second year, Youth Action hosts Shift This, a conference for young people in NSW, to help develop their skills to speak out and take action on what they see around them.

This year Shift This will feel like a start-up weekend: a hands-on, supportive environment where you will explore issues and develop solutions to problems you see in your community. Throughout the two days of Shift This you will:

  • Discover and learn about key issues affecting young people in NSW
  • Form teams to develop projects to address an issue in your community
  • Learn how to design and implement a community-based project that effects real change in your community
  • Pitch your project to a panel of experts
  • Receive support to launch your project after Shift This

Shift This isn’t a passive learning experience – everything about Shift This is about you being involved and trying things out yourself.

After you’ve attended Shift This 2014, you’ll have a ready-to-launch project, which can address real needs in your community. We’ll help connect you with people who can help launch your project. For more info or to register click here.


Circus classes for kids - Simon Adams is doing circus classes for kids aged 8-13 at the Tuntable Hall on Thursday afternoons. Boys classes 3.30 and girls classes 4.30. Cost is $10/class. Simon is fully insured with gymnastics Australia. He has been the artistic director at Spaghetti Circus until recently when he has relocated to the Tuntable valley.

It’s My Life – Nimbin Youth Film Competition 2014 - Youth Connections North Coast is now calling for entries for the Nimbin Youth Film Comp 2014.  In the past this competition has uncovered some fine local talent and encouraged many others to try their hand at making a short film. See the website for more info. Entry forms available at NNIC, and you can also drop your entries into NNIC.

Wanted: Local Aboriginal young folks to participate in Bangarra workshops in Lismore in June-August 2014. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


1st Gathering: 11 June –13 June

2nd Gathering: 15 July – 18 July

3rd Gathering: 28 July – 1 August

Venue: Lismore PCYC

Cnr Orion & Dawson Streets

Lismore, NSW 2480

Nimbin Youth Housing - the housing is managed by Youth Connections North Coast. Contact YCNC or the Community Workers at Nimbin Neighbourhood and Info Centre for more info.

Free Youth and Family Mental Health Hotline - call 1800 011 511 for free advice and assistance.

Need Help? NNIC is here for everyone in the community who needs us...including young people. Okay we know we are all pretty old compared to you, but we might still be useful.

Want to get Involved in the community? We have lots of stuff going on at NNIC and we are always looking for young folk to volunteer. We NEED you. We WANT you. So come on in! If we don't have anything which interests you, we can probably point you in the right direction.

Need to do a work placement or work experience? Again young people are always welcome at NNIC so contact Nat or Cat to find out more.


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