Food Equipment Library

Library membership is available to all financial NNIC members. One-off Library Joining fee $55. Annual renewal $22. Loans are for 4 weeks but can be extended. Apply at NNIC. Contact NNIC for the Policy and Application forms.

The equipment is for small to medium scale post-harvest food processing, and the aim is to increase the level of food production in the community.

The gear we have so far includes: dehydrators (large and medium), a Vitamix which has seed processing capacity (ie oily seeds which we cannot put through the grain mill), honey harvesting equipment, a really good food processor which also has mincing capacity, and a really good Mixmaster.

The more members we have the more gear we can buy to add to the library. If you have suggestions abot additions to the library, contact us at NNIC.

How to Borrow the Gear

If you are a member the steps to borrowing the gear are:

Step 1: contact the Food Librarian Jenny (contact NNIC for details).

Step 2: Go to the shed at the Hall, preferably on Saturday mornings and collect the item you booked. Sign the item out in the book at the shed. If you have troubles, see Jenny at the Farmers Market. You willl need your library membership number.

Step 3: Have lots of fun using the equipment and bring it back to the shed by 4 weeks.

Step 4: Sign the item back in at the shed (in the book), and call NNIC to let us know you have brought it back.

You can extend your loan by calling Jenny and rebooking the equipment, as long as nobody else has booked it.