Where Do Our Funds Come From?

NNIC is funded as a Community Hub (info and referrals/community development) under the Community Builders program, by FaCS - NSW Family and Community Services.

Our Vacation Care is funded by DEC - NSW Department of Education and Communities.

The Emergency Relief program is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Social Services (DSS).

The Centrelink Agency is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Human Services.

Nimbin Integrated Services (NIS - Nurse Practitioner)is funded by the Northern Rivers Local Health District and the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing.

The Nimbin Community Solar Project was made possible via funding provided by the Commonwealth Department of Employment Education and Workplace Relations, and support from Rainbow Power Company. The Solar Farm is now a self-funded oroject.

Our Food Security Project was assisted in 2010 and 2011 by funding from the NSW Government's Environmental Trust via Northern Rivers Food Links.

The Nimbin Brighter Futures Outlet Agency is funded by FaCS via the CONC (Consortium of Neighbourhood Centres Far North Coast) Brighter Futures Program, Far North Coast.

Our soup kitchen and other food aid is supported by donations from the community as well as from Nimbin Aquarius Bakery, Nimbin Emporium, Nimbin Newsagency and Nimbin Organics. Xmas gifts for the annual Town Hall Xmas party are generously donated by Mrs Vera Bourne. Thanks everyone!

Other funds are sourced by fundraising, donations, and income from our photocopy and computer services.

DONATIONS OF $2.00 OR MORE ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE  and are gratefully recieved. To make a tax deductible donation contact us or else just send it in and we will provide a receipt.