How To Join NNIC


By joining NNIC you are supporting us to provide our services and activities. It is essential to us that we are as representative as possible of our community. Whilst our services aim to assist those in our community experiencing disadvantage, our community development activities are aimed at building the capacity of the community as a whole.

By joining NNIC as a member you are showing that you support us and what we are doing. This in turn assists us to attract funding.

Membership also gives you the following benefits:

  • The right to attend and vote at our AGM;
  • The right to have your say in who runs NNIC, as well as attending our Strategic Planning sessions to help us determine our direction and priorities;
  • A warm and fuzzy feeling!
  • Cuddles from Izzi.

So join NNIC now! Membership is a mere $5.50 per year.

To join you need to fill out a membership application form and send it/bring it in to NNIC together with your annual payment of $5.50.

All memberships lapse at 30 June every year. Members are be required to renew their membership by paying the annual fee of $5.50 to NNIC, and updating their contact details.

( dont really need to be a member to get cuddles from Izzi.)

Click here to download the NNIC membership form.