The Goals of NNIC

Once a year the NNIC team meets for a day of planning and review of the Strategic Plan. 

In 2013 a new five-year Strategic Plan was developed. The development of the plan was influenced by the RBA (TM) methodology.

The following four results/goals are identified in the 2013-2018 Strategic Plan:

NNIC is sustainable and well managed.

NNIC is responsive to community needs.

Community members, in particular the disadvantaged, have access to services, resources and support. Where people are well connected to appropriate services and resources, they are more resilient, safer and are more included in the community. The role of NNIC is to optimise access to services and support for community members.

The community is well-resourced to address its needs and aspirations. If the community has access to resources and skills it is able to develop its own capacity and for example, create industry and jobs, reduce poverty and disadvantage, increase local food production etc. The role of NNIC is to facilitate access to resources, links between people and groups and to support the community to pursue its own aspirations.

2016 Strategic Plan Progress: