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Revised Nimbin Community Disaster Plan - NOW AVAILABLE! The final version is now available and can be viewed or downloaded here. This is a reduced size version to make it easier to access. To view a hard copy of the full resolution file drop into NNIC during our opening hours. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the revision process.

The Report on the Community Survey conducted in late 2022 in relation to the draft revised Plan can be veiwed or downloaded from the Surveys Results section of this website.

Nimbin Community Care Team and the local Emergency Radio Network

We are still needing to recruit Community Care Team volunteers across the catchment area. Traing is currently being organised. Training will be free to CCT members.

What Is The Community Care Team (CCT) Project?

The aim of the CCT project is to ensure that all members of our community are quickly accounted for in a disaster, and that everyone has a way to access help when the region becomes isolated and communication services are lost. We aim to recruit community members to form “Community Care Teams”, across the area. CCT members will be trained in the knowledge and skills necessary to safely carry out welfare checks and identify needs, including first aid, psychological first aid, trauma informed communication, confidentiality protocols, identifying skills and resources within your region, identifying likely disaster impacts in your locality and more. CCT members will work in partnership with the Radio holders (see below) to communicate with local response agencies.

How to Join The Community Care Team

We would love to hear from you! To register your interest please fill out this Expression of Interest form and email it back to us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What Is The Nimbin Emergency Radio Network?

The Nimbin Emergency Radio Network has been developed, in consultation with local Police and RFS, to provide an effective way for residents of the Nimbin Valley to contact response personnel when our region becomes geographically isolated and communication services are lost. Community members in strategic locations were invited to become Radio holders in early 2022 and have been provided with equipment and training. The role of the Radio holder is to access 000 emergency services as needed, request necessary items and services (food, water, medical supplies etc.) and to provide information to response agencies as needed. The project essentially divides the Nimbin Valley into 15 localities with at least 1 trained Radio holder in each locality.

I Have My Own CB Radio; Can I Join The Nimbin Emergency Radio Network?

Because critical information will be shared with response agencies (e.g. RFS, Police) only official Radio holders will be able to use the network, to maintain privacy and also confidence in the reliability of information being relayed to response agencies.

For more info, contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 66891692

Radio Network Resources follow this link to find the excellent radio network resources put together by the Channon Hub.

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To contact the Nimbin Disaster Resilience Group (NRDG) email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The Nimbin Community Disaster Plan

Background: The Nimbin Disaster Plan was officially launched at the Nimbin Town Hall at 10am on Saturday 24th April 2021.The Nimbin Community Disaster Plan was developed in 2021 by the Nimbin Disaster Resilience Group, in partnership with Lismore City Council and with assistance from Locale Consulting. The project was made possible with funding provided through the joint Commonewealth-State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements and specifically the Bushfire Community Reslience and Economic Recovery Fund Phase 1. This Plan acknowledges the extensive impact of the 2019/2020 bushfire season and that our community needs continued support to navigate the long, personal journey of recovery. Before the bushfires, the Sustainable Nimbin Community Plan 2016-2021 identified the need to prepare this Plan.

The development of the Plan was informed by numerous community consultations and a community survey conducted during Dec 2020 - Jan 2021.

The launch included a sobering but very useful overview from Robert Kooyman, well-known botanist and ecologist, of the values of the World Heritage Gondwana Rainforests of Australia and an update on the forests and rainforests of the Nightcap and Border Ranges region. He also updated us on the continuing post-fire research and discussed the implications of those findings for the future of the local forests, local landholders and residents.You can view or download the slides here.

Nimbin Community Disaster Plan Revision 2022-2023

The Disaster Plan was revised and updated after the flood event of 2022. The link to the new updated version of the Plan is available at the top of this page.

What has been achieved so far?

Community Disaster Supplies – A shipping container has been installed at Nimbin Showground and stocked with emergency equipment (thanks to funding from The Flood Relief Fund (Partnership between Northern Rivers Community Foundation (NRCF) and the Byron Community Centre), and the generosity of the Nimbin A&I Society.

Plan updated the Disaster Plan has been revised and updated and most notably a Community level Resonse and Recovery Plan has been added (previously the Plan focused only on Preparedness).

Install water tanks on community owned sites in the village – one large tank installed on Community Centre grounds (behind the Neighbourhood Centre), two large tanks purchased for the Showgrounds.

Disaster Info Sheet produced and added to the Welcome To Nimbin Kit.

Dedicated community Disaster page added to Nimbin Neighbourhood and Info centre’s website, and regulalry updated.

Family Disaster Info Days – Virtual Family Fun Day workshops held on 13th November 2021 – Evacuation Kit Pillowcase workshop for kids with Red Cross, Build a Native Bees Hotel with Barbara Mills, Beeswax Wraps with North East Waste, family showbags. (Funded by Healthy North Coast).

Spontaneous Volunteer Kit drafted.

Central Information Desk was opened at Nimbin Town Hall foyer after the Feb/March 2022 Flood Disaster.

After Action Reviews were conducted after the 2022 Disaster by NNIC, CWA, RFS and others.

Spontaneous Volunteers Kit drafted.

So What’s Next?

The revised Disaster Plan has been significantly updated to reflect our community experience of the 2022 Disaster.

The original Disaster Plan was focused on Preparedness. The revised Disaster Plan now includes Response and Recovery.

Nimbin Community Care Team - A model is being developed to enable the reaching out to people who may be isolated, vulnerable or hard to contact following a disaster. This model includes a UHF radio network and we already have 10 UHF radios spread across the catchment and being trialled.

A Starlink is also being installed in the village, so that we have a full mix of technology options available to ensure continuing communications thus avoiding the situation we faced after this year’s flood disaster.



Emergency Numbers

Ambulance 000   Fire 000    Police 000

If you have a speech or hearing impaiment call  106

SES  132 500

Fire permits/report fires - Northern Rivers Fire Control Centre 6663 0000

Nimbin Police 6689 1244 (NOTE: in an emergency ALWAYS call 000)

Nimbin Hospital 6688 1400

Nimbin GP Clinic 6689 1410

Health Direct 1800 022 222 (24 hours help line for general health advice)

Nimbin Village Pharmacy 6689 1448

Essential Energy - power outages 13 20 80

Useful Links

For up to date information about disasters in the Lismore Local Government Area visit the Disaster Dashboard

Hazards Near Me app (Note: This new app replecase the former Fires Near Me app and includes flood and other info)

Satellite Hot Spots  (Note: NOT to be relied upon in life threatening situations)

Hazard Watch - new SES site tracking flood, storm and tsunami hazards

Local Road Closures

Bureau of Meteorology (BOM)

Food Relief, Material aid, volunteering - NNIC - THIS WEBSITE

For More Local Info

ABC Radio North Coast  94.5 FM

NimFM Radio  102.3 FM

Facebook Groups:

Nimbin Hook Ups

Nimbin Rural Fire Brigade

Northern Rivers NSW SES

Nimbin Neighbourhood and Information Centre

Nimbin CSI

Not on Social Media?

In the event of a severe emergency event NNIC will publish regular updates including local info taken from social media on this website.

In ongoing emergency situations, such as the 2019 bushfire event, posters containing up-to-date information will be posted around the village including outside of the Neighbourhood Centre, the Community Centre and the Nimbin Town Hall.

Planning for Disasters

Get Ready Survival Kit Items

To check if your property is in a bushfire prone area go to the RFS website here.

To check if your property is on flood prone land got to SES here.

For information and tips on how to make a Bushfire Survival Plan

For information and tips from the SES on making a Floods/Storms Emergency Plan

For information and tips from Resilience NSW on preparing emergecy surival and emergency evacuation kits click here

For more information and tips from the Red Cross on preparing an Emergency Survival kit

Preparing for Heatwaves: Beat the Heat

Important Message from SES to Northern Rivers Residents: Be prepared for a predicted season of heavy weather. More info and helpful tips here.

Mental Health and Other Support

For generalist information and referrals call Nimbin Neighbourhood and Information Centre (NNIC), weekdays 10am to 4pm 6689 1692, or drop in at 71 Cullen Street, Nimbin.

For crisis support, material aid and support with financial distress book an appointment with our NNIC Community Worker (Wed-Fridays 10am-4pm) 6689 1692.

For appointments with our NIS Nurse Practitioner who specialises in mental health and/or drug and alcohol issues, call 6689 1497.

Rural Adversity Mental Health Program (RAMHP) - connects rural people to mental health supports. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For a list of local health practitioners, HELPLINE services and phone numbers, see the Health section of this website.

Nmbin Centrelink/Services Australia Agency: Located at NNIC. open 10am-2.30pm Mon-Thursday, 10am-2pm Fridays. Some of the key Centrelink numbers are:

Newstart 132 850

DSP 132 717

Aged pension 132 300

Families 136 150

Youth Allowance 132 490

Wildlife Information, Advice and rescues

WIRES 1300 094 737

NRWC 6628 1866

Tweed Valley Wildlife Carers 6672 4789

Friends of the Koala 6622 1233

Welcome to Nimbin Kit

The Welcome to Nimbin was developed for people moving into Nimbin as new residents and aims to link them into Nimbin's activities and culture. A new page has been added to the Kit with general info about disasters. A copy of that new page can be viewed or downloaded here. For more info about, or for hard copies of the Welcome to Nimbin Kit, contact NNIC on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.