Centrelink Agency

Nimbin Neighbourhood & Information Centre is funded by Services Australia to operate the Nimbin Centrelink Agency. As the staff are employees of the NNIC, and not Centrelink, and because they are from the local area, they have a special understanding of the needs of Nimbin and district clients.

The Nimbin Agency is open Monday to Thursday from 10.00am to 2.30pm, and Fridays 10am-2pm to answer all your enquiries and assist with forms or on-line issues.

At the Agency you can present most documents required by Centrelink such as ID to be faxed/sent to Centrelink.  There are phones for contacting the Centrelink Call Centre yourself and you can access a free computer for Job Searches and other related Centrelink business.

You can also lodge Medicare forms at the Agency.

Our Agency provides a professional and empathetic service to the local and surrounding community.


Referrals are made to appropriate services if required and many customers can be referred to our Welfare workers. Referrals are also made to external services/departments if required.

Our Centrelink Agency staff can recognise and discuss with customers difficulties they may be experiencing and then support and refer them on with their consent. Staff attend regular Centrelink and other related training courses and updates. 

NOW with Wi-Fi!!

If you’d rather use your mobile phone or tablet, we have free Wi-Fi available at NNIC. You don’t need a password so you can get online straight away.

You can also use the Wi-Fi to download and install the Express Plus mobile apps.

The Agent staff can help you set up your digital services if you’re not sure what to do.