Nimbin Integrated Services Project (NIS)

Finalist in the 2016 North Coast Primary Health Network Excellence Awards

On Friday 9th September 2016 Nat and Gen attended the North Coast Primary Health Network Excellence Awards in Coffs Harbour. Here we are with the trophy we picked up for being one of 3 finalists in our category. We didn't win but we were thrilled to make the finals and pretty happy to get a trophy!


What is NIS?

NIS is a service provided jointly by NNIC and Northern NSW Local Health District, which aims to improve the integration of health and welfare services in Nimbin, and to assist people to access better services related to mental health and substance usage problems.

The service employs a Nurse Practitioner with extensive experience, qualifications and advanced skills in mental health and substance use problems.

The Northern NSW Local Health District provides the funding to support the wage and ongoing costs of the position and NNIC provides the office space, on-site support and supervision, administrative support and referrals. NNIC secured funds from the Federal Department of Health and Ageing to support this work after some 6 years doing so at our own cost because of the needs of the community. This funding has now been taken over by the North Coast Primary Health Network.

NIS is committed to providing a service that recognises diversity and is accessible to all people. It is also committed to the safety of clients and staff.

What Does NIS Offer Me?

The Nurse Practitioners offer wholistic approaches to clinical issues and can assist you and your family in a number of ways -

  • Help with a mental health crisis or emergency
  • Liaison with Police where Police become involved in mental health or substance-induced intoxication situations
  • Clinical support in the community and pre/post hospital admissions
  • Information about and referrals to a range of health/welfare services and supports to optimise outcomes
  • Education related to clinical problems to empower you and your family to make choices and manage your situation
  • Prescribing medications
  • Organising tests and diagnostic investigations
  • Supporting carers, family, and friends of people with mental health and/or drug and alcohol problems
  • WDO referrals and treatment plans
  • Assessment and management of intoxication, withdrawal and dependence in relation to Alcohol, Benzodiazepine, Amphetamine, Opioid, Cannabis and Nicotine and other substance use disorders.
  • Treatment of Hepatitis C virus (HCV). Treatment for complex patients will be in consultation with the Lismore Liver Clinic and / or a gastroenterologist

How Can I Access NIS?

Client and/or their families can refer themselves into the service. To do this you can either drop in at NNIC or call during 10am-4pm weekdays to discuss an appointment.

Referrals are also accepted from GPs and other providers.

Please be aware that emergency/crisis matters will be prioritised and there is average two week waiting period for appointments.

What  can I expect from NIS?

· Respectful, non-judgemental service delivery

· Information, support, clinical interventions, advocacy and referral


What you share will stay within the service unless you give written consent for the Nurse Practitioner to share with other health professionals or services/agencies and this sharing of information is for your benefit.

However, we have a legal duty of care to our clients, and we are required to report to Police or FaCS in the following circumstances:

- If the Nurse Practitioner believes that a person is at risk of harming themselves or others, such as by suicide or threats to the safety of others.

- If there is a risk of harm to children.

For Emergencies:

Contact: Genevieve Beggs NP: 02 6689 1497

To Make an appointment:

6689 1497

For general information about NIS:

contact NNIC

NIS was originally established through an innovative partnership between:

Nimbin Neighbourhood and Info Centre

Nimbin Health (nimbin Hospital)

Northern NSW Local Health District

NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

NSW Police

NSW Family & Community Services


Methamphetamine (Ice) Users - in addition to NIS you can access free and confidential advice and counselling 24 hours a day, via the Stimulants Treatement Line:

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