Arts and Culture

Key Result/Vision: The community celebrates diversity and encourages participation and involvement through arts and culture.


Goal 1: Permanent art and culture collection/s are established and maintained.

Goal 2: Arts and culture thrives - is fostered, promoted and supported.

Goal 3: Nimbin's public art is maintained and supported.

News and Updates...

Nimbin Flix Nimbin's own film society whch shows non mainstream films in a local setting and at low cost to society members.Click here to go to their facebook page.

Nimbin Aquarius Anniversary  - In May 2013 the Nimbin community celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Aquarius Festival. Click here to see what you missed!

Nimbin Bridge/Cullen St Bridge - the old bridge will be eventually demolished due to Council budgetary and other constraints. So far it is still standing, though.

Nimbin Murals - the murals on Cullen street are a famous heritage feature of Nimbin and are some of the most photographed murals in the world. A mural sustainability plan has been developed and progress has been made on renovating the murals. 

In 2013 Lismore City Council provided funds to support the upgrade of three of the main street murals - on Rainbow Cafe (Tuntable co-op), Nimbin Pizza Shop and the Nimbin Newsagency. The work was completed in April 2013, in time for Mardi Grass and the 2013 40th Anniversary of the Aquarius festival. All three murals were painted onto board instead of directly onto the building facades, as part of the plan to make it easier to touch up or replace murals over time.


 'Endangered Species' by Amanda Williamson, above the Nimbin Newsagency, left hand side complete. 


Benny on Rainbow roof

'Over the Rainbow' - original mural by Benny Zable restored by Benny and team of young artists in April 2013. Thanks to support from Lismore City Council, NNIC, Nimbin Chamber of Commerce, Tuntable Falls Coop, Lismore City Council and the studio space generously provided at Nimbin Birth and Beyond.

This mural was unfortunately destroyed in the 2014 Nimbin fires. There are plans to replace the lost murals when the new buildings are erected.


'Check Mate' mural above the Trattoria/Nimbin Pizza Shop by Vernon Treweeke, aka the father of pyschadelic art in Australia, April 2013. Vernon painted many of Nimbin's murals since before the Aqauarius Festival. He was up visiting for the 40th Anniversary and did this mural while he was here. Thanks to support from Lismore City Council, Nimbin Chamber of Commerce, the studio space generously provided at Nimbin Birth and Beyond, and Peter Wise.

VALE Vernon Treweeke 1939-2015. Sadly, Vernon passed away 19th March 2015.  But his legacy lives on as do his significant art works around Australia and the world.

During 2012 the Nimbin Pub replaced their fading old murals with the fab new murals done by Jimmy Willing.