Northern Rivers Biohubs project

Due to our local climate and the price/availability of land, bioenergy may be more viable in the Northern Rivers than other large scale renewable energy generation.

NNIC was the lead agency for the NR Biohubs consortium, which in 2016 commissioned pre-feasibility assessments of three bioenergy sites at Nimbin, Murwillumbah and Casino.

NEW!! The Pre-Feasibility report into the Casino and Murwillumbah bio-hubs is NOW AVAILABLE here. You will also find the Report into the Social Licence investigations conducted as part of the bio-hubs project.

This project builds on the work of Sustain Energy - a working group of Sustain Northern Rivers , which commissioned the Institute for Sustainable Futures to undertake a NSW North Coast Bio-Energy Scoping Study. The Study is available to the public and you can find it on the RDA NR website here.





A Social Licence for Bioenergy?

The work of the Consortium has included research into the prospects for a social license for bioenergy in the Northern Rivers, building on work done by Sustain Energy, North Coast Energy Forum and others.

The Investigation Process So Far....



What We Found Out...