Housing and The Built Environment

Key Result/Vision: There are safe, affordable and environmentally sustainable and varied housing choices for all ages, linked by appropriate transport corridors and serviced by facilities and enterprises that support the ethos of Nimbin and surrounds.

Goal 1: There are a range of safe, affordable housing options available for everyone, especially our young people, the elderly and people on low incomes.

Goal 2: There is a well-connected skill base in the community to support housing and the built environment.

Goal 3: Buildings and their surrounds are sensitive to and provide a ‘liveable’ environment.

Goal 4: The community has strategies in place to manage risks of disasters such as fires, cyclones and floods.

News and Updates...

Sustainable Living Hub - demonstration DIY building, affordable housing strategy - MO register, info and resources for home builders.  Also identified as a strategy re Local Jobs and Skills, Food Security (communityl kitchen), Energy (demonstration clean energy house) . A site has been secured and paid off and fundraising for Stage One has commenced. For more info see the 7 Sibley Street website..

Walking Track - Nimbin's Rainbow Road - Stage 2 of the Walking Track proposal has now been completed. This stage consists of scoping the actual track, negotiating with relevant landlolders, assessing the DA and other requirements. For more info on the Rainbow Road project click here.

If you are interested in progressing any of the above strategies, plese contact NNIC.