Social and Political

Key Result/Vision: A community that is autonomous, mutually inclusive and respectful of all life.


Goal 1: Community mechanisms exist which empower the residents of Nimbin to exercise more control over community outcomes.

Goal 2: There are an agreed Community Charter of ethics and behavioural standards based on respect for each other, the environment and future generations.

Goal 3: We recognise and build on community leadership skills and strengths.

Goal 4: The culture and aspirations of the Indigenous community are integrated into the social and political fabric of Nimbin.

News and Updates...

NAG - Nimbin Advisory Group - this group was formed in 2010 as conduit between the Nimbin community and Lismore City Council. The aim of NAG is to faciliate better consultation processes between the Nimbin commuity and Council rather than to represent the community itself. The grouo is currently chaired by LCC Mayor, Jenny Dowell.

Chamber of Commerce- the Chamber was reinvigorated and mebership increased at the AGM held in late 2015.