Transport - Key Result/Vision: A carbon neutral transport system which promotes social inclusiveness by integrating a walkable village, vehicles powered by renewable fuels, cycling and horse riding.

Goal 1: The efficiency of existing transport options is maximised.

Goal 2: The community has access to sustainable transport options.

Goal 3: The transport needs of the community are reduced and road conditions improved.

Goal 4: The community has access to a range of non-vehicular transport/movement corridors between housing and services.

Nimbin is located 35 kms away from the nearest regional centre (Lismore) and there is very little public transport. Addressing this issue will be paramount if we are to avoid becoming an isolated community and also to rediuce our most significant carbon footprint.

News and Updates...

Bus Routes and Timetables - the community identifed a need to collate all the bus and train timetables relevant to locals so that they can all be found in one place. See our website here.

Sorry Business - Transport Support


Car Pooling - you can try and find a ride to share, or offer one, via Nimbin Hook Ups, a facebook page with iver 8000 members which works like a local classifieds on steroids, and includes stuff like buy and sell, wanted, lost dogs, injured wildlife, road closures, local flooding and car pooling/lifts/transporting of goods. A brilliant example of a local innovation to meet a community need.

NBN - National Broad Band Network - to the extent that we can increase the capacity of local businesse to operate remotely and on-line, local transport needs can also be reduced. Approriate connectivity is essential to this strategy. At present both mobile phone and broad band reception/connectivity in the Nimbin catchment area is patchy and inadequate. The NBN towers have been installed in Nimbin and have commenced operations.

Local Food - the more food we can produce locally, the lower our community food miles needs will be. See the Food Security tab for more info.

Nimbin Bus Extension - Did you Know? A full bus at peak hour takes 40 cars off the road (some of you will recognise this as a question from the 2012 7 Sibley St Trivia fundraising night). Even a smaller bus, taking 20 cars off the road, is significant in terms of reduced carbon emissions.

in 2011 and 2012 funding was provided by NSW Transport for a partnership between Wallers Bus Co and NNIC to trial additional daily buses between Nimbin and Lismore to provide better access to public transport for people travelling to work, study or appointments in Lismore. This was largely as a result of work done by Eugenie Stephens and the Nimbin Chamber of Commerce who organised a community transport survey and lobbied for the funds.

See the Story in the Northern Star here.

The trial was completed in June 2012. Wallers has continued a number of the additional bus runs.

Some interesting statisitics from the trial: