Farm Tours

Our 7 Sibley Farm Tours are an exciting opportunity to explore many different sustainable land management practices.  
The Northern Rivers region presents a wide range of topographic profiles and micro-climates, with reasonable annual rainfall. Once covered with the ‘big scrub’ and subsequently cleared in the early 1900’s for its valuable rainforest and schlerophyll hardwood timbers, the alternative ‘new settlers’ have been changing the face of the landscape since the ’70’s. From rainforest regeneration to permaculture polyculture projects, sub-tropical fruit orchards to coffee, dry-land rice or legal hemp plantations, few places match Nimbin’s diversity, creativity, grassroots pioneering spirit and fearless give-it-a-go attitude. Our farm tours are like no others, with real people working to heal the land they love sharing their homes, experiments and insights. Each property is different and each offers a range of real life solutions to the challenges of living responsibly on the land.   
Nimbin Farm Tours are held once a month on a Saturday. We meet at 10am at 7 Sibley to car pool to the property of the day. Dates are advised on the monthly workshop program on this website, on our face book page or in the freemonthly local newspaper “Nimbin Good Times”. Bookings are essential email: